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World's Wake: Map 21: Levels 101-105 -- Forest 1; ...Hey, this looks familiar!

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Left Map 20

Oh look, it's the tutorial forest! Hello, Barkley! Down boy, stop that!

Level 101Edit

Objective Edit

Collect 12 rosemary stems for Chef Lidia's stew


  • Barkley
  • Bushley

Whilst they look the same, they are higher level creatures now, so will be harder to battle. 

Now you're back to where we started on the First Map pageEdit

Level 102Edit

Objective Edit

Grandma Bernadette needs 16 berries for her pies


  • Barkley
  • Bushley
  • Pillbug

Etc, etc! Keep on going! Edit

First Reset - New Campaign ObjectiveEdit

OK - now most all of you probably did your first reset long before hitting level 100. But if you're like me, here you are! 

When you buy the upgrade of Nate's that lets you reset, you'll get a screen asking are you SURE, and letting you know that you'll start from the very beginning, and what items you get to keep - and gives you the option to cancel if you're not ready. If you are, it then shows you the shiny, red, candy-like button that Nate found, and you have to click to reset. There's really no way to do it by accident!  

Eventually you'll get to choose an objective for your next campaign, but for now, only the next one is unlocked, "Reset after lvl 100".

1st reset

Now you're ready to go! Remember, you're at the beginning, and with only the Bushwhacker, you'll have to click again, after probably not clicking for a long while. 

Now the Campaign Objective image at the top of the screen changes, obviously. 


Now - on to the next! And the next, and the next....

Left Map 20

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