• In theory, Wendy seems like a viable candidate for the main damage-dealer role, what with almost every skill buffing her base dps and the conditional Draw Power buff. In practice, however, this is seldom the case.
  • It is possible to place Wendy as a secondary damage-dealer by treating her as how you would your main damage-dealer. However, she only comes in useful in levels where you no longer instantly kill monsters. 
  • Being a crusader that costs relatively a lot to upgrade, it is still recommended to leave the main damage-dealer role to the deserving candidates. Bench her if you need to.
  • If you must bring Wendy on the team, it is best if you have Jack on the team as well, as his Cry For Help upgrade, which buffs total DPS by at least 10%(depending on gear) for every enemy on screen, combos well with Wendy's Draw Power upgrade which buffs her own DPS for every enemy on screen.

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