• A common misconception that most new players have for the Hermit is that his conditional buff, Craziness, requires him to be at the frontline for it to be active. In reality, this buff can be active at almost any slot, as long as no crusader stands in the slot directly in front of him.
    • One of the Pro-tips displayed in the game's loading screen says 'The best formation may not be a full formation!' This tip is most likely referring to such a formation, where an empty slot is required to activate the Hermit's Craziness buff.
  • With a strong conditional buff (Craziness), and self-dps buffs for almost every other skill, the Hermit is one of the most commonly-used crusaders as the main damage-dealer.
  • Even though not needing the Hermit to be at the frontline, the Craziness buff still has a stringent criterion to fulfill: emptying the slot in front of him. At some situations, it requires the Hermit to be at the frontline in order for him to dish out the most dps.
  • Whenever possible, avoid placing Hermit at the frontline if he could be buffed by Sasha without losing the Craziness buff.
  • To avoid having more than one empty slot, it is best to place the Hermit at a slot where there is only one slot that is directly in front of him. Emptying two or more slots to make way for the Craziness buff can be counter-productive.
  • With the Arrow Attack skill increasing the Bush Whacker's Swordplay effect, the use of the Bush Whacker is highly viable in a Hermit formation. 

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