• Since the Princess possesses 4 all-dps buffs, she is almost a must-have in most formations.
    • However, since she does not possess any buffs which buff only specific slots, her position in formations is flexible. 
    • The Princess does not have Formation Abilities as such, so Mindy mimes nothing from her. However, an objective that disables Formation Abilities won't affect Princess's buffs.
  • The Princess also possesses the Burn Baby Burn! skill, which increases the Bush Whacker's Swordplay effect. This is definitely an incentive for the Bush Whacker.
  • Firestorm (especially when Magnified) is a useful skill for clearing difficult boss levels, since the 1st level of each region has the same level of health as the 4th level of the previous region. You may use Firestorm to clear that level in order to idle and farm in the next region instead.
  • Her formation ability from her legendary cape i.e Higher Authority works even if King Reginald IV is polymorphed or sleeping

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