The Idol Times

The Idol Times is a email newsletter that posts the latest events and promotional information for Crusaders Of The Lost Idols . It is the only known source for obtaining redemption codes. These codes are used for obtaining equipment and chest.

Note: The "We Love Crusaders" code for reaching 500 Facebook Likes expired at 12:01am on September 23, 2015.

Signing upEdit


By signing up for the Crusaders of the Lost Idols, The Idol Times you will receive a code in your email, follow the easy steps below, and you are on your way to a fantastic FREE item to give a massive boost for your Crusader Sasha!

First go the: signup page.

Enter your first, last name and email address. Very soon, you should get an email that looks something like the image below; in it you will find a code where the arrow is pointing!

Entering redemption codes Edit

Note that redemption codes only valid on PC/Web. You need linking account to PC/Web if you play by using mobile phone. Instruction is here: [1]

Copy the code from your email, then go back to your game! Find the shop, under the inventory button, also shown in the image below.


Once you enter the shop, you will see the following screen. Enter the code you received in your email under the "Redeem a Code" option. You can then either press the "Redeem" button, or simply press the Enter key, and Voila! Your free item has arrived! Also, keep your eyes open for more issues of The Idol Times coming your way with even more sweet treats, such as Jeweled Chests, community challenges, and news updates! Who knows when even more great gear will be sent your way!


List of emailsEdit

Claim Your Rare Gear Now Edit

New Event: Carnival of Sorrows Edit

Thank you: Here's Your Jeweled Chest Edit

  • October 8, 2015 Codename Entertainment received 500 twitter followers. It contained a redemption code for a Jeweled chest.
    • IFOL-LOWC-RUSA-DERS (expired)

Thank you for signing up for the Steam launch email Edit

  • Email received after signing up for the Steam launch event. It stated that they would be sending a code for an epic equipment item on day one of launch.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols now on Steam! Edit

Here's Your Epic Gear & New Objectives Edit

Halloween Event Now Live Edit

Thank you! Here's Your Halloween Jeweled Chest Edit

  • October 30, 2015 Codename Entertainment received 1000 twitter follows. It had a redemption code containing a Halloween Jeweled Chest.
    • TEAM-EMOF-ORTH-EWIN (expired)

New Event! Hermit's Premature Party Edit

New Event! Superhero Spring Event Edit

New Ready Player Two Campaign & It's So Meta Promo Edit

Tier Three Talents Available Now Edit

1st Anniversary Bash Giveaway Edit

  • July 29, 2016 celebratated that Crusaders of the Lost Idols turns one year old this month.
    • OURF-IRST-BIRT-HDAY (First code from e-mail, get 1 Jeweled Chest) - Expired
    • HERE-ARET-WOCH-ESTS (Second code from Facebook, get 2 Jeweled Chest) - Expired
    • WELO-VEFR-EETH-INGS (Third code from Twitter, get 3 Jeweled Chest) - Expired

After you entered 3 codes, you will get a bonus gift, that is a Golden Epic Gear -- Cat-Eye Synth Goggles of Celebration for Artaxes, the Lion.

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