• Perhaps the most underestimated crusader (in game chats, at least), the Bush Whacker can have a great impact in your total damage output if used correctly. The Bush Whacker comes in most useful especially when you are pushing towards the last few levels of your current objective.
  • Swordplay is what makes the Bush Whacker a strong crusader in your formation. Since he draws power from adjacent crusaders, putting him next to your main damage-dealing crusader like Hermit, Jim or Sarah could strengthen his click damage a great deal.
    • However, the use of the Bush Whacker would be counter-intuitive in a formation that uses the Werewolf as the main damage-dealer (without RoboTurkey); placing the Bush Whacker next to the Werewolf would make the latter lose his important Lone Wolf buff, while the former could not draw power from the latter if not placed next to him. 
    • Thanks to the addition of RoboTurkey, the Bush Whacker is now more viable in almost all types of formations. Placing the Bush Whacker next to both RoboTurkey and your main damage-dealer allows him to draw power from both of them. The Bush Whacker could also be used in a Werewolf formation since he could indirectly draw power from him via RoboTurkey.
  • Buffing your main damage-dealer generally contributes more to his click damage than increasing his Swordplay effect (with the abilities of Jim the Lumberjack/Pilot Pam, Emo Werewolf, The Washed Up Hermit, The Princess/RoboTurkey, and Dark Gryphon). The penalty of losing damage buffs for the main damage-dealer greatly overwhelms the bonus from increasing his Swordplay effect.
  • Coupled with appropriate buffs (such as the dps-boost buff and the click critical rate and multiplier boost buff), the Bush Whacker could push you to up to 50 more levels after you hit a wall, provided that you also level your main damage dealer along the way. Having as little as 20% of your formation dps as your click damage is enough for this. Consider using him if you wish to swiftly end your objective!

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