• Besides being a temporary main damage-dealer, a monster magnet and having Storm Rider, Thalia is one that you would want to consider benching.
    • As of the January 20 update, Thalia's role as the formation's tank is more defined. Even so, it is still recommended to use Jack as the formation tank instead of him, due to the latter's Cry For Help ability. You may use Thalia, however, if you are using Natalie as your main damage-dealer.
  • Storm Rider deserves a special mention. Since it increases formation dps permanently without even needing him in the formation, it is recommended that you activate a Magnified Storm Rider (yes, Storm Rider can be Magnified) every time it is available. Even though boosting only a small value, it is cummulative throughout the run and stacking several charges of Storm Rider could make a difference.
    • Also keep in mind, that any time from a Warp will also reduce the cool down of Storm Rider by the same amount. You could use the ability, use a 4 or 8 hour warp and be ready to use Storm Rider again right away, depending on how much cool down reduction you already have.
    • However, it should be noted that Storm Rider bonuses do not carry over resets.
  • Avoid placing Thalia in the frontline if you have Jack in that column, since it would diminish the potential of Jack's durability and Cry For Help skill.
    • Or actually, do place him there. His death does not bring much loss to the formation and if he dies, the monsters could shift their attention towards Jack next as a group.
    • Or just don't buy the Lightning Rod upgrade, and let the monsters attack him and Jack equally.

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