What can you do with all those tokens from Challenges you've accumulated, or those Red Ruby Red Rubies that have piled up? Go shopping! Here's the list of what's available in the in-game shops:

The Ruby ExchangeEdit

Image Name Cost Description Notes
Computron9000 Computron 9000 1000 Red Ruby Red Rubies Utilizes over 15 petaflops of processing power to click at regular intervals. Taskmaster
RubyTheDragon Ruby the Dragon 15000 Red Ruby Red Rubies She'll gladly join your cause... for a price. Taskmaster
YvesTheButler Yves the Butler 5000 Red Ruby Red Rubies Insists he's actually a valet. Taskmaster


  • Other Taskmasters are available for direct purchase. See Taskmasters for more information.

Challengers' WarehouseEdit

Image Name Token Cost Cooldown Notes
CSDPSBuff Week-Long DPS Buff 40 None Increase the DPS of all Crusaders by 200%
Lasts for 7 days
CSGoldBuff Week-Long Gold Buff 60 None Increase all Gold found by 200%
Lasts for 7 days
CSIdolBuff Week-Long Idol Buff 80 None Increase Idols earned from Resets by 25%
Lasts for 7 days
CSSpawnBuff Week-Long Spawn Buff 80 None Increase monster spawn speed by 100%
Lasts for 7 days
CSLegCat Legendary Catalyst 60 None
CSMatsBox Epic Box of Crafting Materials 40 None Contains 80 random crafting materials up to Epic rarity
CSRRecipe Random Rare Recipe 40 None One rare recipe that you do not yet have unlocked.
CSERecipe Random Epic Recipe 100 None One epic recipe that you do not yet have unlocked.
CS3JC 3 Jeweled Chests 60 None
2 Random Jeweled Chests 80 7 Days Event or Weekend Promo Chests
Random Golden Epic 360 14 Days


  • Purchase of a timed item has a cooldown of the same time period, so buying the Golden Epic will remove that option for 14 days from the time it was purchased.
  • Similar to other purchases, if the Golden Epic is for gear already upgraded to Legendary, a Golden Legendary is offered instead.