Savage Strikes is an ability of Artaxes, the Lion avaiable at the fifth upgrade,Drizzle the Dark Elf at the sixth upgrade and Bubba, the Swimming Orc at the fourth upgrade,

Ability increases the critical click chance by 50% for 30 seconds; after which a 30 minute cooldown is required. The cooldown may be reduced by use of particular trinkets if they can be found.

With gear,ability will be also increasing global DPS by 10/25/50/100/150% (150% bonus is accesible only at Artaxes, the Lion with his Golden Epic gear). With Passive Criticals talent (each 1% critical click chance increase global DPS by x% DPS) it's possible to get even 2500% DPS bonus when ability is activated.

Savage Strikes will only operate if Artaxes, the Lion,Drizzle the Dark Elf or Bubba, the Swimming Orc is present in the current formation.

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