• Sasha is one of the available buffers that is viable if she is able to find a place in the formation. If there is an available slot in the column in front of the column your main damage-dealer is in, be sure to use her!
    • However, since Sasha's buff, Bulwark, only boosts dps by 40%, she is a buffer of less importance. In some cases, it is necessary to bench her to make way for the stronger buffs or the main damage-delaer's conditional buff.
      • In box formation, for example, if one decides to buff his main damage-dealer with all the available buffers, he will find that Pete is unable to buff crusaders in the middle column, where one could receive buffs from both Artaxes and Sasha, from any slot (assuming a full formation). In this case, he has to choose whether to bench Artaxes, Pete or Sasha. The correct choice would be Sasha as Artaxes and Pete boost dps by 65% and 50% respectively, which are higher values than Sasha's buff.
      • In jet formation, if one uses Werewolf or Hermit as the main damage-dealer, he would find it almost impossible to assign a slot for Sasha without sacrificing the better buffs.
  • Due to the fact that she is one of the cheaper crusaders to upgrade and every skill other than Bulwark buffs her dps, some players have used her as the main damage-dealer. However, this is only possible if she possesses far more enchantment points than other suitable candidates, since she hardly possesses any outstanding buffs.
  • Sasha is a good cheap buffer in the beginning of a match, since you only have to get to level ten to get her bulwark ability.
  • With the advent of Legendary gear, Sasha becomes a much stronger buffing character, so carefully check gear to see if she is your best option or not.

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