• With a conditional buff (Full Set) and having almost every other skills increasing her base dps, Sarah is one of the viable candidates and the more commonly used crusader as the formation's main damage-dealer. 
  • Her conditional buff has a relatively less stringent criterion to meet since it only requires the formation to be full to activate. There is no other restriction to crusader formation otherwise.
  • Even though Sarah is a viable candidate for the role of the main damage-dealer, she could be easily beaten by other candidates in the roster in terms of damage-to-cost ratio, since she is one of the more expensive crusaders to level.
    • As of the Princess' Pool Party event, however, Sarah's potential is immensely heightened especially with Queen Siri's Queen's Decree buff that can only buff female Crusaders. If you have been an ardent supporter of Hermit or Werewolf, consider switching to Sarah instead. Perhaps she will surpass these two with the help of Siri.
    • Sally the Succubus can also be used to buff Sarah with her Jealousy skill.
  • Due to her crit chance skill and a team DPS item, Sarah can be used as a buffer if you have a high level of the Passive Criticals talent and/or are using clicking as your main source of damage.

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