Royal Accoutrements
Queen Siri has a lead on some sweet loot that she might be able to use. It's stored in the royal crypts, so form a group that ain't afraid of no ghosts and spend a few days looking for it.
Category: Missions
Subcategory: Gear Upgrade Missions
Rarity: Epic
Mission Details
High Level: 200
Gear Check: Yes
Dangerous Mission: Yes
Number of
Crusaders Required

Crusader Tags

1 MTag Male Male

4 MTag Female Female
2 MTag Royal Royal
3 MTag Event Event
1 MTag Supernatural Supernatural
2 MTag Human Human
1 MTag Support Support
1 MTag Gold Finder Gold Finder

Duration: 2 Days
Availability: 7 Days
Reward: Gear Upgrade for Veronica, the Android Archer