• As of now RoboTurkey can not be beat in terms of dps no matter the equipment he is good but with max equipment he has the most dps because even if you have all crusaders at max level he will absorb a portion of their dps and add it on to his own dps so you would be taking 150% of Nate Dragons dps which would be the highest at max level making RoboTurkeys dps the greatest because it's also added on to his own and this will work even with the newer crusaders past Nate Dragon.
  • As of the Thanksgiving Event update, RoboTurkey is now one of the strongest crusaders and buffers in the roster, thanks to the Short Circuit skill.
  • With the Short Circuit skill, RoboTurkey is by far the only crusader that can draw power from adjacent crusaders to add on to his dps.
    • In order to fully maximize the potential of this skill, RoboTurkey should be placed next to your main damage-dealer while having as few crusaders (preferably a maximum of 3) as possible next to him so that the main damage-dealer can be continuously zapped.
  • As strong as his potential could be, RoboTurkey's strength could not be demonstrated if you do not have a main damage-dealer for him to draw power from.
  • Avoid buffing RoboTurkey in your formation. As much as his dps could be, a vast majority would be from your main damage-dealer. As such, buffs which buff only his base dps will not work. Instead, continue buffing your main damage-dealer and this will indirectly buff RoboTurkey too.
  • In some situations, you may need to choose the Princess over RoboTurkey if the former's impact is greater than that of the latter.
  • As a buffer, RoboTurkey's presence is of paramount importance since the Short Circuit buff increases zapped crusaders' dps by up to 60%, a value that is relatively high. Since he is a non-human, RoboTurkey is viable in almost every formation possible.
  • The Bush Whacker should be placed next to both the main damage-dealer and RoboTurkey, in order for him to obtain the most out of it, added to the fact that he also possesses Power Reflection, which increases the Bush Whacker's Swordplay effect.
    • The implementation of RoboTurkey also made it possible to use the Bush Whacker in a Werewolf formation without sacrificing the Lone Wolf buff. If you place the Bush Whacker next to RoboTurkey and not the Werewolf, that is.
  • If RoboTurkey is in your formation, Momma Kaine should come in too. After all, who can resist being double buffed merely from getting zapped?

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