• You may be asking, 'Between Panda and RoboSanta, who do I use?' The answer, although cliché, is always 'It depends'. At times, RoboSanta's gold bonus may exceed that of Panda's. At other times, it's vice versa.
  • To break both crusaders down, Panda has 4 gold bonus skills, and a gold item, while RoboSanta has a key Expensive Toys buff, an item which increases the effect of this skill, and a gold item as well. Panda effectively buffs your gold bonus the moment he's in your formation, but RoboSanta needs an appropriate position to maximize the gold bonus.
    • Due to the mechanics of the Expensive Toys buff, RoboSanta is best placed in the column behind the column with the most slots. This may pose a problem to the placement of your crusaders. 
    • If there is no item on RoboSanta to boost the effect of the Expensive Toys buff, his gold bonus will almost always fall short of Panda's. 
  • It is best to test out the resultant gold bonus from both crusaders to decide on which crusader to use.

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