• Among the list of crusaders that are most likely to be benched, Sal would actually be last on the list. After all, he does have an all-dps buff, a skill that increases Swordplay effect and hey, he is not human!
    • Sal is a recommended crusader to stand next to the Werewolf in formations in addition to buffing the formation dps. 
    • If you decide to use the The Bush Whacker, consider having Sal in your formation too. 
  • As of the January 20 update, however, Sal can be potentially considered as a main damage-dealer, since the update buffed him in two ways: a direct one which is an extra self-dps buff, and an indirect one in the form of the new Royal Grail buff on King Reginald IV which can affect him.
    • Having said this, the potential can be easily diminished by the fact that he is a relatively more expensive crusader to upgrade. 
  • Sal's ability from his Legendary Cape i.e Royal Entourage, also works with escorts such as Goos, kids and Relics therefore don't hesitate to place him near them
  • If you're using Sjin the Builder and Sal in formation, prioritize Sjin the Builder to get 6 crusaders or escorts around him to maximize his Teamwork ability. This is because Sal only needs 5 crusaders or escorts to activate Royal Entourage.

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