• Sharing the bench with Jim, Pam is the cheapest crusader in the roster. Due to this, she could be a possible candidate for main damage dealer role.
    • This is coupled with the fact that her first conditional buff, Co-Pilot, works exactly the same as Jim's Buddy System buff.
    • The second conditional buff, Focused Teamwork, buffs Pam herself as well. This makes the dual-DPS strategy work nicely for her.
  • Aside from being a main damage dealer, Pam should also be strongly considered as a main buffer, with a much more powerful buff than her counterpart.
  • Since her buff only requires there to be exactly two crusaders in her column, Pam cannot be used to buff multiple crusaders. Hence, Pam as a buffer works best for the solo-DPS or dual-DPS strategy.
    • Pam can be used to buff Emo Werewolf without disrupting his Lone Wolf buff by leaving an empty spot between them.
    • However, as this is a stringent criterion to meet, you will most likely be placing your main damage dealer in a column of 2, or in a column of more than 2 but having empty slot(s) in it. If you find that Jim's buff, combined with buffs of other crusaders that could have taken the slot(s), buffs more than Pam (and the empty slots), then switch to using Jim and the aforementioned crusaders instead.

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