• With the Bad Joke buff and an item which boosts gold bonus, Pete's presence is highly recommended. 
  • In practice, the Bad Joke buff is a very tricky buff to apply to your main damage-dealer. Due to this, certain sacrifices may have to be made in order to make way for this buff. This includes benching important crusaders, or even emptying the furthest slot(s) so that Pete could buff the next furthest slot(s). Do use Pete in your formation, but also do continuously experiment with various formations to find one that could best utilize this buff and maximize your DPS.
    • If there needs to be an empty slot, perhaps this slot could also be utilized by the Hermit for his Craziness buff.
    • However, the above point doesn't apply if you have Karen, the Cat Teenager with her epic or better collar as your DPS. Bad Joke will apply to her no matter where Pete is (and if you have her Golden Epic or Legendary collar it is better if Karen *isn't* the furthest from Pete)