• As the last crusader in the roster, Nate should not be quickly judged as one who can always dish out the most damage throughout the levels. In fact, even with a conditional buff, Double Dragon, Nate has the worst damage-to-cost ratio in the whole roster. This makes him not a viable candidate for the main damage-dealer role in the long run. 
  • Nate could be used as your main damage-dealer...... for a maximum of only 40-50 levels. After that, the likely scenario is that the cheaper crusaders will start to outdamage him once you level them along. After all, Nate only has two self-dps buff and a conditional buff.
    • You may place Natalie in your formation for the first few levels after getting Nate and the Double Dragon buff to boost his dps.
    • Use Nate to buff Natalie's dps if you're using the latter as your main damage-dealer.
  • Nate, however, can be relied on as a buffer since he has two all-dps buffs. His placement in your formation should be top priority after you have placed your main damage-dealer, dps buffers and gold bonus buffers.

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