• With an all-dps buff, the Daggerfall buff, Natalie is a potentially decent buffer to have in your formation.
  • Natalie has an item which increases gold bonus. If you have it, be sure to assign a place for her in your formation!
  • As of the January 20 update, Natalie's potential as a main damage dealer has been significantly heightened. This is due to the fact that the value for the Double Dragon buff can now be potentially increased, and that she now has an extra self-dps buff.
    • Natalie could also be present to activate Nate's Double Dragon buff.
  • Natalie's cape increases gold found by 10/25/50/100% making her viable for gold-farming formations
  • Natalie's Double Dragon and Bickering (from her legendary knife) work even if Nate Dragon is polymorphed or sleeping

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