• With a unique way of buffing crusaders' dps (Conductivity), it is recommended to find a place for Momma Kaine only after placing RoboTurkey in your formation. 
  • Similar to her counterpart, Khouri, Momma Kaine is also both a healer and a buffer, and hence her role in the formation is just as flexible.
    • As a healer, finding a slot for Momma Kaine is much easier than finding one for healer Khouri, at a cost of having a lower healing rate than him. As long as Momma Kaine occupies the back side of your formation, she would almost always heal the frontmost crusader(s).
    • As a buffer, Momma Kaine is one who buffs better and has more flexibility in terms of positioning compared to buffer Khouri. However, as stated in the first point, RoboTurkey must first be in the formation before even considering Momma Kaine in the formation. As long as your main damage-dealer can be constantly zapped by RoboTurkey. Momma Kaine will always be able to buff him from any slot possible.

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