• If you find it difficult assign a slot for Kaine in your formation (especially in a Werewolf formation) without taking a toll on your formation DPS, or if Mister's gold bonus is greater than that of Kaine's, consider using Mister to boost your gold find instead. 
  • Mister's gold bonus skill, Follow The Leader, makes him an appropriate substitute to Kaine.
    • Mister is especially helpful in formations with many animals. With Monkey Business and several animals, Follow the Leader can easily be more effective than Kaine's Ah-Hah! ability.
  • As the tooltip suggests, he should be placed in front of the column with the most slots.
    • This, coupled with the fact that he is a non-human, makes him capable of replacing Kaine in a Werewolf formation where the Emo Werewolf occupies the column with the most slots (in diamond formation, for example).
  • As Mister also possesses the Magnify skill, this skill could be used without needing to switch to Kaine (and placing him in the formation) for it.

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