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Missions unlock after you have done at least one reset. Rare & Epic missions unlock after completing 10 common missions.

Missions are a way to make use of the Crusaders you're not currently employing in your formation. You can send up to 50% of your owned Crusaders at a time.

While send on a mission, Crusaders cannot be placed into the formation. You can still level them up (to get Crusader levels for more Idols on Reset), but abilities are unavailable except for "End of the World" and other Reset abilities.

Possible RewardsEdit

The Type of Reward a Mission gives is indicated by its icon. The exact amount is only written on the bottom of the mission window.

Buff Rewards Edit

You can get 3 different buff types from missions: Gold, DPS and Spawn Speed.

Multiple Gold or DPS buffs do not stack; their duration gets added to buff time remaining. Multiple Spawn buffs do stack. All mission buffs stack with their respective buffs from cards/chests.

The mission buff duration is affected by the "Endurance Training" talent.

Buff Effect Duration/Magnitude
Metal Detector Increase all Gold found by 50% 2h, 8h, 24h
Pheromones Increase monster spawn speed for 1h 100%, 200%, 400%
Adrenaline Increase DPS to all crusaders by 100% 2h, 8h, 24h

Success ChancesEdit

To start a mission you have to send exactly as many crusaders as there are spots. Even when achieving 100% success chance with less crusaders, you still have to select more until all slots are full.

Missions have a base success chance, ranging from 0% to 50%, plus certain requirements. Requirements may be Crusader tags, Enchantment Points and/or Gear.

A certain assortment of tags is required by every mission. Each Crusader has a variety of tags associated with them. You can see which ones in the List on the Crusaders wiki page.
In addition Epic Missions usually require 50/100/200 EP or fully equipped Crusaders, that is Characters with three epic, golden epic, legendary or golden legendary items.
Some missions are also tagged as "Dangerous". This has no influence on success chance, but in case you fail such a mission, there's about a 25% chance for each sent crusader to return injured making them unusable both for play and missions for 24h.

All requirements contribute an equal share to success chance.

If there's only tags, every tag fulfilled will increase your success rate by the same amount.
Eg. Mission with 50% base chance + 3 tags -> every tag will give +16,7% chance.

When there's tags and either "High Level" or "Gear Check", then both Tags and EP/Equip contribute an equal share, then success based on tags is equally spread between tags and chance based on EP/Equip equally between EP / Equipment slots. Every EP up to the threshold contributes the same chance. A rare piece of equipment contributes half as much as an epic, an uncommon half as much as a rare and a common half as much as an uncommon one.
So a mission with 10% base chance + 4 slots + High Level (50EP) + 12 tags -> All 12 tags will give +45%, so each tag is 45/12 = +3,75%; All EP will give +45%, since there's 4 slots * 50EP each EP is 45%/200 = +0,225%
A mission with 10% base + 3 slots + Gear check + 9 tags -> Every tag does 45%/9 = +5% and every epic item also does 45%/9 = +5%, while every rare does +2,5%, every uncommon +1,25% and every common +0,625%

For Gear upgrade missions with "High Level" (200EP) and "Gear Check", 5 Crusaders, 15 tags and 0% base chance it works the same.
So every tag will raise your chance by 33,3%/15 = 2,22%.
Every EP (up to 200EP/Crusader) will raise it by 33,3%/(5*200) = 0,03% and one fully leveled crusader by 6,67%.
Every Epic piece of Equip will increase your chance by 33,3%/15 = 2,22%,
every piece of rare equip by 1,11%,
an uncommon equip by 0,56%,
a common equip by 0,28%.

Mission Respawn RatesEdit

Mission respawning is governed by mission slots and cooldown.

There is a total of 20 mission slots:

  • 5 EP
  • 4 Gold
  • 2 Buffs
  • 1 Red Rubies
  • 1 Idols
  • 1 Jeweled Chest
  • 1 Recruit Crusader
  • 1 Gear Upgrade
  • 1 Crafting Material
  • 2 Crafting Recipe
  • 1 Legendary Catalyst

Common, Rare and Epic Missions of one type occupy the same slots.

Usually you can only have so many missions of one type, but rarely an error may occur and you may end up with 6 EP missions for a short time.

Every mission slot has a slot cooldown. That is after you complete a mission of that type, it takes so long for another mission of that type to respawn. Whether you fail the mission or succeed doesn't matter. On the other hand after a mission expires, there is no cooldown, the slot will be filled immediately.

Slot cooldown

Slot Slot Cooldown
EP 5min
Gold Gold 5min
Buffs 7h
Red Ruby Red Rubies 12h
IdolcutoutIdols varies
Jeweled Chest 3d
Recruit 10d
Gear Upgrade 7d
Crafting Material 12h
Crafting Recipe 2h
Legendary Catalyst 7d

In addition every individual mission has a mission cooldown. Even if currently a slot of the type is empty and needs to be filled no mission that is currently on cooldown will spawn. If all missions of a certain type are on cooldown no mission will respawn. This is common with buff missions and Recipe missions, but can also occur with EP missions when you do lots of them and have a bit of bad luck with rng.

Common EP mission cooldown:

Name Mission Time Cooldown
Storming the Castle 5m 2h
The Magical Forest 10m 2h
Farmer Brown's Tractor 30m 2h
Date Night 1h 4h
Boy's Night 1h30m 4h
Girl's Night 1h45m 4h
Bloody Rare 3h46m40s 8h
Reboot 4h 8h
Can't Stop, Won't Stop 4h26m40s 8h
Disenchanting Class 8h 16h
Cooking Class 8h53m20s 16h
Art Class 9h36m40s 16h
The Waiting Game 18h 36h
The Summer Pass 20h 36h
Digging for Delicacies 21h40m 36h

Common Buff mission cooldown:

Buff Mission Mission Cooldown
Gold Flakes 32h
Protein Powder 32h
Red Buffalo 32h

Mission Cooldown of Recipe and Crafting Material Missions:

Crafting Mission Mission Cooldown
Up To Speed 1d
As The Spinning Wheel Turns 1d
The Brothers Stilskin 1d
I Saw It On Pinterest 3d
All Dem Recipes 6d

Speed Runner TalentEdit

"Increases the odds of getting shorter duration missions by 10%"

"Shorter duration Missions" are missions which take less than 4h to complete. This talent also doesn't affect cooldown in any way or change mission slots at all.

Therefore it will only affect Ruby, EP and Gold missions. When one such mission is to spawn (slot cooldown is over) and there are several available to spawn (several missions not on mission cooldown) then any mission with less then 4h duration will be more likely to win the rng then any mission with more then 4h duration.

Tips for MissionsEdit

When starting out, it's best to focus on the EP missions, preferably short duration missions. Focus on a few Crusaders, especially those with good gear and unusual tags. Aim to get Crusaders to 200EP. From the normal crusaders Bush Wacker, Khouri, Sal and Fire Phoenix are pretty useful to send.

After unlocking them you should do Gear Upgrade Missions ASAP. They are worth sending even your best crusaders. Even if they have only 25% chance at first, it's worth doing them.

Ruby, Idols, Jeweled Chest and Legendary Catalyst missions are worth doing if you can spare the crusaders. As long as most of your crusaders are in your formation try to leave those missions alone.

Buff missions are also decently useful (especially the common ones since they only take 10-20 minutes to complete). You can probably do those in between other missions.

Since Crafting was only added so recently, it's hard to determine the best strategy right now, but probably doing recipe missions is very useful, while Material mission should be a total waste of crusaders and Catalyst are low priority as long as most crusaders are stuck with common to rare gear.

Recruit missions cut both ways. Recruit missions give you crusaders but no gear for them at all, which makes them rather bad. They will also cause Gear upgrade mission to spawn for them. Though it's very likely to acquire the recipes for common and uncommon gear for those saders, getting an upgrade mission then will only give you a piece of rare gear, which is still very underwhelming.
On the other hand to be able to do a lot of missions like buffs, recipes, chests, rubies, etc. you'll also want to get a decent number of crusaders, so you'll be able to send more of them to missions.
When doing recruit missions, focus on those crusaders with unique tags or abilities. Crusaders actually worth unlocking include: President Billy Smithsonian - He's a must-have for his increased drop chance ability, Brogon, Prince of Dragons, Serpent King Draco, Groklok the Orc, Alan the ArchAngel, Littlefoot.

Gold Missions ...don't waste any time and crusader on them... Just reset when progress slows down.

Tips for VeteransEdit

Generally with about 20-24 sendable crusaders it's easily possible to do all buff, ruby, idols, chest, EP and gear missions.

Keep track of when your gear missions respawn and make sure you have most if not all your crusaders available at that time to choose the best ones.

The second thing worth keeping track of, if you're up to it, is the Red Buffalo mission. This mission respawns every 36 hours if a buff mission slot is available. Therefor to get this mission as often as possible sometimes it's necessary to do other buff missions only to clear the slot.

Generally Recruit missions are a bad deal. But if, by chance, you get a recruit mission for a crusader that is also going to be available in the next upcoming repeated event, consider doing it (if only with "left-over" crusaders) to save the time needed to do the objective.

That would probably be The Bat Billionaire, The Metal Soldierette, Alan the ArchAngel, RoboRabbit, Broot and Robbie Raccoon for the Spring Event reruns in March and April.

Possible MissionsEdit

Image Name Reward Reward Type Time Rarity
A Crashed Spaceship Claim Kizlblyp, the Alien Traitor Claim crusader 3d Epic
AHiddenStash A Hidden Stash 0.1% of total Idols (Minimum of 5 Idols) Idols 7h Common
ALongHardDay A Long, Hard Day 8h of Gold Gold 1d Common
AMothersTouch A Mother's Touch Claim Momma Kaine Claim crusader 3d Epic
ARareHerb A Rare Herb Adrenaline Buff

(+100% DPS to all Crusaders) for 8 Hours

Buff 5h30m Rare
AShortWordFromOurSponsors A Short Word from our Sponsors 1 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 15min Common
ASlightImprovement A Slight Improvement 1 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 40min Common
ASssurprisssingTwissst(UnlockDraco) A Sssurprisssing Twissst Claim Serpent King Draco Claim crusader 3d Epic
ASssurprisssingTwissst A Sssurprisssing Twissst Gear upgrade for Serpent King Draco Gear 2d Epic
A Tall Order 20 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 8h Epic
AbsorbtionSystemsOnline Absorbtion Systems Online Claim RoboTurkey Claim crusader 3d Epic
ActualAlchemy Actual Alchemy 8h of Gold Gold 22h46m40s Common
AllDemRecipes All Dem Recipes 2 Epic Recipes Recipes 1d8h Epic
AncientMagic Ancient Magic Gear upgrade for Drizzle the Dark Elf Gear 2d Epic
ArtClass Art Class 6 Enchantment Point Enchantment Points 9h36m40s Common
ArticlesofHeaven Articles of Heaven Gear upgrade for Alan the ArchAngel Gear 2d Epic
AsTheSpinningWheelTurns As The Spinning Wheel Turns 1 Rare Recipe Recipes 8h Common
Automated Alchemy Automated Alchemy Metal Detector (+50% Gold) Buff for 1 Day Buff 19h Epic
BadBoysandGirls Bad Boys and Girls Claim RoboSanta Claim crusader 3d Epic
BalletClass Ballet Class 21 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 12h Epic
BizzlebopBopperofWorlds Bizzlebop, Bopper of Worlds Jeweled Chest Chest 8h Epic
BloodyRare Bloody Rare 3 Enchantment Point Enchantment Points 3h46m40s Common
BoysNight Boy's Night 2 Enchantment Point Enchantment Points 1h30m Common
BoxItUp Box It Up 20 Crafting Materials (Contains Common to Rare materials.) Crafting Materials 3h Common
BoxingChampion Boxing Champion 40 Crafting Materials (Contains Common to Rare materials.) Crafting Materials 6h Common
BoysWillBeBoys Boys Will Be Boys Gear upgrade for Momma Kaine Gear 2d Epic
BringForththePumpkin Bring Forth the Pumpkin Claim Jack O'Lantern Claim crusader 3d Epic
BuriedTreasure Buried Treasure 0.4% of total Idols (Minimum of 15 Idols) Idols 11h Rare
CantStopWontStop Can't Stop, Won't Stop 4 Enchantment Point Enchantment Points 4h26m40s Common
CarnivalConsiderations Carnival Considerations Gear upgrade for Pete the Carney Gear 2d Epic
Carry-onLuggage Carry-on Luggage Gear upgrade for Pilot Pam Gear 2d Epic
CircuitsAndGears Circuits and Gears Gear upgrade for Veronica, the Android Archer Gear 2d Epic
Clicking Capacitor Claim RoboRabbit Claim crusader 3d Epic
CongressionalOversight Congressional Oversight Gear upgrade for President Billy Smithsonian Gear 2d Epic
CookingClass Cooking Class 5 Enchantment Point Enchantment Points 8h53m20s Common
CrusadersOfTheFoundIdols Crusaders of the Found Idols 0.5% of total Idols (Minimum of 20 Idols) Idols 12h Epic
DanceClass Dance Class 12 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 10h Rare
DarkSecrets Dark Secrets Gear upgrade for The Dark Helper Gear 2d Epic
DateNight Date Night 1 Enchantment Point Enchantment Points 1h Common
DiggingforDelicacies Digging for Delicacies 11 Enchantment Points Enchantment Points 21h40m Common
DisenchantingClass Disenchanting Class 5 Enchantment Point Enchantment Points 8h Common
Doing It Right 5h20m of Gold Gold 14h Epic
DontQuitYourDayJob Don't Quit Your Day Job 3h20m of Gold Gold 8h Epic
DoortoDoorSalesman Door to Door Salesman 2h of Gold Gold 4h Common
DoubleorNothing Double or Nothing 2 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 1h15min Common
EpicArtifactBoxes Epic Artifact Boxes 60 Crafting Materials, all rarities Crafting Materials 1d3h Rare
EveryonesFavoriteCharacter Everyone's Favorite Character Claim Leerion, the Royal Dwarf Claim crusader 3d Epic
Executive Recruitment Claim President Billy Smithsonian Claim crusader 3d Epic
EyDeDiDeDi Ey De Di De Di Claim Larry the Leprechaun Claim crusader 3d Epic
Eye of Newt Eye of Newt Gear upgrade for Wendy the Witch Gear 2d Epic
FarmerBrownsTractor Farmer Brown's Tractor 1 Enchantment Point Enchantment Points 30m Common
FatalAttraction Fatal Attraction Gear Upgrade for Sally the Succubus Gear 2d Epic
FlameonBro Flame on, Bro Gear Upgrade for Brogon, Prince of Dragons Gear 2d Epic
FlowersForSale Flowers For Sale 1h20m of Gold Gold 2h10m Common
FreshBakedCookies Fresh Baked Cookies 1h20m of Gold Gold 1h46m40s Common
CotLI FreshCircuits Fresh Circuits Gear upgrade for RoboTurkey Gear 2d Epic
FullSpeedAhead Full Speed Ahead 6 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 3h Rare
Futuretech Futuretech Gear upgrade for Kizlblyp, the Alien Traitor Gear 2d Epic
GemDigger Gem Digger 10 Red Rubies Rubies 30m Common
Geocaching Geocaching 0.2% of total Idols (Minimum of 10 Idols) Idols 8h Rare
GetRichQuickScheme Get Rich Quick Scheme 1h40m of Gold Gold 2h20m Rare
GetRicherQuickScheme Get Richer Quick Scheme 2h of Gold Gold 2h40m Epic
GirlsNight Girl's Night 2 Enchantment Point Enchantment Points 1h45m Common
GoldBond Gold Bond Metal Detector (+50% Gold) Buff for 8 Hours Buff 6h Rare
GoldFlakes Gold Flakes Metal Detector (+50% Gold) Buff for 2 Hours Buff 20m Common
GoldenChildren Golden Children 4 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 2h30m Rare
GrididivsConsumerofWorlds Grididivs, Consumer of Worlds Jeweled Chest Chest 1d4h Epic
Groupies(Mission) Groupies Claim Rocky the Rockstar Claim crusader 3d Epic
Handyman Handymen 4h40m of Gold Gold 12h Rare
Handywomen Handywomen 12h of Gold Gold 1d8h Rare
HardlyWorking Hardly Working 8h of Gold Gold 1d1h Common
Her Royal Highness Her Royal Highness Claim Queen Siri Claim crusader 3d Epic
HolyLootBatBillionaire Holy Loot, Bat Billionaire! Gear upgrade for The Bat Billionaire Gear 2d Epic
IAmBroot I Am Broot Claim Broot Claim crusader 3d Epic
IAmBroot(GearMission) I Am Broot Gear upgrade for Broot Gear 2d Epic
I Am The Metal Soldierette I Am The Metal Soldierette Claim The Metal Soldierette Claim crusader 3d Epic
ISawItOnPinterest I Saw It On Pinterest 1 Epic Recipe Recipes 1d Rare
IceIceBaby Ice Ice Baby Claim Frosty the Snowman Claim crusader 3d Epic
IfItFitsISits If It Fits, I Sits Gear upgrade for Karen, the Cat Teenager Gear 2d Epic
IntotheMatrix Into the Matrix 2 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 45min Rare
CotLI ItsATrap c It's a Trap! 15 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 6h Epic
JhorragDestroyerofWorlds Jhorrag, Destroyer of Worlds Jeweled Chest Chest 4h Epic
Khanisi,MotherofWorlds Khanisi, Mother of Worlds Jeweled Chest Chest 12h Epic
Legendary Intelligence 1 Legendary Catalysts Legendary Catalyst 20h Rare
Legendary Strength Legendary Strength 2 Legendary Catalysts Legendary Catalyst 1d6h Rare
LegendaryWisdom Legendary Wisdom 3 Legendary Catalysts Legendary Catalyst 1d16h Epic
LemonadeStand Lemonade Stand 1h20m of Gold Gold 2h Common
LicksalotLickerofWorlds Licksalot, Licker of Worlds Jeweled Chest Chest 12h Rare
Littleshoes Littleshoes Gear upgrade for Littlefoot Gear 2d Epic
LookingForGroup Looking For Group 2 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 45m Rare
ManufacturingMania Manufacturing Mania 4h of Gold Gold 8h53m20s Common
Masked Bandit Claim Robbie Raccoon Claim crusader 3d Epic
MightyMorphinEquipment Mighty Morphin' Equipment Gear upgrade for Ranger Rayna Gear 2d Epic
Minions Minions 20 Red Rubies Rubies 3h Common
Minions 2 Minions 2: The Minioning 40 Red Rubies Rubies 8h Rare
Monkey Business Claim Mister the Monkey Claim crusader 3d Epic
MonsterMagnet Monster Magnet Pheromones (+400% monster spawn speed) Buff for 1 Hour Buff 20h Epic
MoonriseWithEmo Moonrise With Emo Claim Wendy the Witch Claim crusader 3d Epic
MorningCoffeeRun Morning Coffee Run 1 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 20min Common
MowSomeLawns Mow Some Lawns 10m of Gold Gold 26m40s Common
Multi-Leafed Clover Multi-Leafed Clover Gear upgrade for Larry the Leprechaun Gear 2d Epic
NotSoHardWork Not So Hard Work 4h of Gold Gold 10h Common
OffWithTheirHeads Off With Their Heads 3 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 1h Epic
Over-Watch Out Over-Watch Out 7 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 5h Rare
CotLI PartyAnimal Party Animal Gear upgrade for Mister the Monkey Gear 2d Epic
PartyOnBro(GearUpgrade) Party On, Bro Gear upgrade for Kyle the Party Bro Gear 2d Epic
PartyOnBro Party On, Bro! Claim Kyle the Party Bro Claim crusader 3d Epic
PetesWildRide Pete's Wild Ride Claim Pete the Carney Claim crusader 3d Epic
PlayAllPositions Play All Positions Claim Groklok the Orc Claim crusader 3d Epic
PrepareForTakeoff Prepare For Takeoff Claim Pilot Pam Claim crusader 3d Epic
Prince of Dragons Claim Brogon, Prince of Dragons Claim crusader 3d Epic
ProteinPowder Protein Powder Adrenaline Buff (+100% DPS of all Crusaders) for 2 Hours Buff 15m Common
Pumpkin Scoop Gear upgrade for Jack O'Lantern Gear 2d Epic
CotLI PuxPetZoo Punxsutawney Petting Zoo 16 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 1d Rare
Quarterback Quarterback Claim Drizzle the Dark Elf Claim crusader 3d Epic
RaidtheCommunityFountain Raid the Community Fountain 10m of Gold Gold 23m20s Common
Reboot Reboot 3 Enchantment Point Enchantment Points 4h Common
RedBuffalo Red Buffalo Pheromones Buff (+100% monster spawn speed) for 1 Hour Buff 10m Common
Royal Accoutrements Gear upgrade for Queen Siri Gear 2d Epic
SearchtheCloset Search the Closet 20m of Gold Gold 40m Epic
SearchtheCouchCushions Search the Couch Cushions 10m of Gold Gold 20m Common
SearchtheGloveBox Search the Glove Box 15m of Gold Gold 30m Rare
Secret Identity Secret Identity Claim The Bat Billionaire Claim crusader 3d Epic
ShipmentofSpinach Shipment of Spinach Adrenaline Buff (+100% DPS) for 1 day Buff 18h Epic
Siren'sCall Siren's Call Claim Sally the Succubus Claim crusader 3d Epic
SlurrislagEaterofWorlds Slurrislag, Eater of Worlds Jeweled Chest Chest 1d Rare
SmashedGuitars Smashed Guitars Gear upgrade for Rocky the Rockstar Gear 2d Epic
SpeedoSpeculation Speedo Speculation Gear upgrade for Bubba, the Swimming Orc Gear 2d Epic
Sprocket Rocket Sprocket Rocket Gear upgrade for RoboRabbit Gear 2d Epic
StormingtheCastle Storming the Castle 1 Enchantment Point Enchantment Points 5m Common
Sunken Treasure 16h of Gold Gold 1d16h Epic
TakingaBreak Takin' a Break 2 Enchantment Points Enchantment Points 2h30min Common
CotLI TempleRun c Temple Run Gear upgrade for Montana James Gear 2d Epic
TheBrothersStilskin The Brothers Stilskin 2 Rare Recipes Recipes 12h Rare
TheEstateSale The Estate Sale Gear upgrade for Leerion, the Royal Dwarf Gear 2d Epic
The Holy Light Claim Alan the ArchAngel Claim crusader 3d Epic
TheLastCrusader The Last Crusade(r) Claim Montana James Claim crusader 3d Epic
TheLastCrusaders The Last Crusaders 0.75% of total idols (Minimum of 25 Idols) Idols 23h Rare
TheLatestSuit The Latest Suit Gear upgrade for The Metal Soldierette Gear 2d Epic
TheMagicalForest The Magical Forest 1 Enchantment Point Enchantment Points 10m Common
TheMainEvent The Main Event 4 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 2h Rare
TheMinesofMordia The Mines of Mordia 4h of Gold Gold 11h6m40s Common
TheOneRing The One Ring 60 Enchantment Points Enchantment Points 1d12h Epic
ThePrinceandthePauper The Prince and the Pauper 3 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 1h30min Rare
TheSearchForMoreRubies The Search For More Rubies 30 Red Rubies Rubies 6h Common
TheSkullsofmyEnemies The Skulls of my Enemies Gear upgrade for Groklok the Orc Gear 2d Epic
TheSummerPass The Summer Pass 10 Enchantment Points Enchantment Points 20h Common
TheTempleOfDumb The Temple of Dumb 1% of total Idols (Minimum of 30 Idols) Idols 1d4h Epic
TheWaitingGame The Waiting Game 9 Enchantment Points Enchantment Points 18h Common
ThirdWheel Third Wheel 9 Enchantment points Enchantment Points 4h Epic
ThumpetyThumpThump Thumpety Thump Thump Gear upgrade for Frosty the Snowman Gear 2d Epic
TinkeredWeapons Tinkered Weapons Gear Upgrade for Robbie Raccoon Gear 2d Epic
TournamentofChampions Tournament of Champions 2h40m of Gold Gold 6h Rare
TrainingMontage Training Montage Pheromones (+200% monster spawn speed) Buff for 1 Hour Buff 6h30m Rare
TVSpokesperson TV Spokesperson 2h of Gold Gold 4h26m40s Common
UpmostImportance Upmost Importance 8 Enchantment Points Enchantment Points 3h Epic
UpToSpeed Up To Speed Basic Recipes (Contains Common and Uncommon recipes for one Crusader) Recipes 4h Common
UsedCatSalesman Used Cat Salesman 2h of Gold Gold 4h46m40s Common
VeryNaughtyIndeed Very Naughty Indeed Gear upgrade for RoboSanta Gear 2d Epic
WhatsInTheBox,Man What's In The Box, Man? 80 Crafting Materials (Contains Common to Epic materials.) Crafting Materials 18h Epic

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