When a crusader gets polymorphed, all crusaders sharing their slot on the bench are polymorphed too. The Bush Whacker, Nate Dragon, their alternates, and seat 21 and above crusaders are never polymorphed. To other crusaders' formation abilities, crusaders retain their tags while frogs (for example, Emo Werewolf's Lone Wolf ability still treats polymorphed humans as humans).

Based on your current area, the crusaders that get polymorphed are as follows:

51—100, 476—525
EmoWerewolf 48TheWashedUpHermit 48DarkGryphon 48SarahTheCollector 48
101—150, 526—575
JimTheLumberjack 48SashaTheFierceWarrior 48ArtaxesTheLion 48FirePhoenix 48KingReginaldIV 48
151—200, 576—625
DetectiveKaine 48JasonMasterOfShadows 48ArtaxesTheLion 48KhouriTheWitchDoctor 48PrinceSalTheMerman 48MerciTheMadWizard 48
201—250, 626—675
EmoWerewolf 48TheWashedUpHermit 48ThePrincess 48NatalieDragon 48DarkGryphon 48GoldPanda 48ThaliaTheThunderKing 48
251—300, 676—725
SashaTheFierceWarrior 48TheWashedUpHermit 48DetectiveKaine 48NatalieDragon 48ArtaxesTheLion 48SarahTheCollector 48PrinceSalTheMerman 48
301—350, 726—775
JimTheLumberjack 48ThePrincess 48JasonMasterOfShadows 48KhouriTheWitchDoctor 48DarkGryphon 48FirePhoenix 48
351—400, 776—825
EmoWerewolf 48DetectiveKaine 48ArtaxesTheLion 48SarahTheCollector 48GoldPanda 48ThaliaTheThunderKing 48
401—450, 826—875
SashaTheFierceWarrior 48NatalieDragon 48JasonMasterOfShadows 48DarkGryphon 48PrinceSalTheMerman 48KingReginaldIV 48
451—475, 876—900
JimTheLumberjack 48SashaTheFierceWarrior 48TheWashedUpHermit 48DetectiveKaine 48ThePrincess 48KhouriTheWitchDoctor 48MerciTheMadWizard 48
(This pattern repeats
after area 475.)

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