• Having several self-dps buffs but being the second most expensive crusader, Merci will most likely be out damaged by firstly Nate, and then subsequently the other cheaper crusaders.
  • Merci, however, do possess certain buffs that could potentially boost your formation DPS. If there are still available slots left, consider using him if he buffs better than other crusaders.
    • As of the January 20 update, Merci has now a skill that allows secondary targets (the ones where the DPS is not dealt) to take a portion of your formation DPS. His presence can be synergistic with Jack's presence; the more enemies that attack Jack, the higher your formation DPS and hence the DPS dealt towards secondary targets. This makes it quicker for you to wipe your enemies! 
  • Alchemy can be useful if you feel that the healing from Khouri (or Momma Kaine) towards the frontline crusaders is insufficient.

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