Large numbers are represented by adding a suffix in a similar way that computer memory is measured, the difference is that computer memory works in multiples of 1024 bytes to make 1 kilobyte; 1024 kilobytes to make 1 megabyte and so on.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols uses pure multipliers of 1000. So 1000 DPS is the same as 1K DPS; 1000K gold is the same as 1M gold; etc.

In the table below, the value is represented as a power of 10 - that means that the number after the caret is the number of zeroes following the 1.

This is what the game is using at the moment - it's still in beta, though, so it could change.

Abbreviation Name Value Equivalent
K Thousand (Kilo) 1000 (10^3)
M Million 10^6 1000K
B Billion 10^9 1000M
t trillion 10^12 1000B
q quadrillion 10^15 1000t
Q quintillion 10^18 1000q
s sextillion 10^21 1000Q
S septillion 10^24 1000s
o octillion 10^27 1000S
n nonillion 10^30 1000o
d decillion 10^33 1000n
U undecillion 10^36 1000d
D duodecillion 10^39 1000U
T tredecillion 10^42 1000D
Qt quattuordecillion 10^45 1000T
Qd quindecillion 10^48 1000Qt
Sd sexdecillion 10^51 1000Qd
St septendecillion 10^54 1000Sd
O octodecillion 10^57 1000St
N novemdecillion 10^60 1000O
v vigintillion 10^63 1000N
c unvigintillion 10^66 1000v
Abbreviation Name Value Equivalent
e69 duovigintillion 10^69 1000c
e70 10^70 10e69
e71 10^71 10e70
e72 trevigintillion 10^72 10e71
e73 10^73 10e72
e74 10^74 10e73
e75 quattuorvigintillion 10^75 10e74
e76 10^76 10e75
e77 10^77 10e76
e78 quinvigintillion 10^78 10e77
e79 10^79 10e78
sesvigintillion 10^81
septenvigintillion 10^84
octovigintillion 10^87