• Not the best crusader to have in your formation, and one that you would consider benching if you find him to be a liability.
  • Reginald, however, can have a place in your formation since he has an all-dps buff, if he does buff the formation dps better than other crusaders.
  • Even though the January 20 update introduced the Royal Grail buff to Reginald, there are not many royal crusaders that can be reliable main damage dealers.
    • The Princess contains no self-dps buffs.
    • Thalia and Reginald have insufficient self-dps buffs.
    • Siri can never be buffed.
    • Sal can be a potential main damage-dealer but it is overshadowed by the fact that he is a relatively more expensive crusader to update.
    • Draco became a very viable choice of DPS, with the Trek through the Hidden Temple event, and Regi's Royal Grail ability greatly enhances him.
  • You may use Royal Command if you feel like you need a breathing space among a screen full of monsters.

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