• With a conditional buff and being the cheapest dps-dealing crusader, Jim is one of the crusaders that are most commonly used as the main damage-dealer of the formation by players. Consider using him if he deals the most damage compared to other damage-dealers like Hermit, Sarah and Werewolf. 
  • The criteria of dishing out the most damage is relatively less stringent compared to other conditional buffs, since he only requires another crusader to be next to him to dish out an extra 100% damage. This allows him to be viable with almost any other crusader that could buff and/or benefit from him.
  • If you wish to buff your main damage-dealer (if it is not Jim), Jim is an important buffer to have in your formation. With his buff benefitting crusaders in the same column, he could easily find a place in the same column as your main damage-dealer in most formations.
    • To top it off, he also increases the Bush Whacker's Swordplay effect, making him more of an asset to have in your formation if you wish to use the Bush Whacker.
  • Due to the fact that he has a strong damage-dealing potential and also a great buffer, some players have adopted a dual-dps strategy, with Jim and another damage-dealer sharing approximately 50-50 of the total dps. This is viable if both crusaders have approximately the same damage-to-cost ratio.

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