• Jason can come in useful as a front-line DPS in the same line as a tank such as Thalia, the Thunder King and Greyskull the Pirate or Jack O'Lantern. His upgrade Ambush, allows him to quintuple his damage while someone else in the same line is being attacked.
    • Jason's Subtle Deflection moves attacking monster away from him, which makes him perfect to be paired with tankers without monster magnet ability such as Greyskull the Pirate & The Metal Soldierette
    • If Jason is not treated like a main damage dealer, his DPS may fall short even with the Ambush buff.
    • In formations with 3 slots in frontmost column, either put more tankers or put The Shadow Queen together with Jason to move attacking monsters toward the tanker
  • Jason's sword increases gold found by 10/25/50/100% making him viable for gold-farming formations.
  • When The Shadow Queen reach lv 1500, thanks to her The Shadow Mastered ability, Jason increases her ability The Shadow's Cowl by 100%, that make possible to him reach a 600% buff, if he is adjacent to her.

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