• The role of Groklok is very flexible mainly due to his interaction with Drizzle.
    • With sufficient self-dps buffs and especially with a conditional Gunslinger buff and Drizzle's Lateral buff, Groklok can be a potential main damage dealer. This is coupled with the fact that he is one of the cheaper crusaders to level.
      • However, his potential may fall short since he does not possess any self-dps items.
      • The criterion of his Gunslinger buff makes it possible for a dual-DPS strategy with Hermit, since both of them can utilize the same empty slot.
    • With a very strong buff especially when coupled with Drizzle, Groklok is a terrific buffer and potentially less of a liability than Sasha in terms of buffing.
      • In box formation, for example, if you have been using Hermit as your main damage dealer and, due to the presence of Pete, placing him at the frontline, you may use Groklok to compensate for the loss of Sasha's buff. 
      • In order to maximize the potential of this buff, let Groklok buff a column of 3 or fewer crusaders.  
    • With the Defensive Team buff, an item that boosts HP, and Drizzle's Hail Mary buff, Groklok is a viable tank that is suitable for the tank build.
      • By placing Groklok and Jack at the frontline and Drizzle somewhere behind, your formation will be able to hold out as long as possible while increasing the formation DPS, which means killing the enemies faster. 

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