• Because of how his Non Binary Pep Talk works, Griz is best placed at leftmost row to buff crusaders in front of him. In some formation such as normal formation (World's Wake), Griz is best placed at topleft or bottomleft corner
  • Because of that also, Griz works well with The Washed Up Hermit and The Metal Soldierette who are best placed at front most slot
  • His Contract Renegotiation only applies to crusaders 2 slots away from him which are also affected by Non Binary Pep Talk. IOW purchasing Non Binary Pep Talk is a must if you want to use Contract Renegotiation. Crusaders 3 slots away or further won't be applied with Contract Renegotiation
  • Due to a bug, his Contract Renegotiation will fail to work if it's purchased before Non Binary Pep Talk. So make sure to purchase the latter before purchasing the former
  • With Favoritism upgrade and Contract Renegotiation working on non adjacent crusaders, Griz works well with The Exterminator which is a robot and also a gold finder
  • Getting Positional Advantage achievement is easy. Just put Griz at leftmost row with all of his upgrades purchased and place 3 robot crusaders 2 slots away from him