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The roster has a set pattern and changes every 25 areas as follows:

26—50, 251—275, 476—500
JimTheLumberjack 48ThePrincess 48JasonMasterOfShadows 48ArtaxesTheLion 48KhouriTheWitchDoctor 48DarkGryphon 48SarahTheCollector 48FirePhoenix 48MerciTheMadWizard 48
51—75, 276—300, 501—525
JimTheLumberjack 48EmoWerewolf 48DetectiveKaine 48NatalieDragon 48JasonMasterOfShadows 48ArtaxesTheLion 48FirePhoenix 48ThaliaTheThunderKing 48MerciTheMadWizard 48
76—100, 301—325, 526—550
TheWashedUpHermit 48NatalieDragon 48ThePrincess 48JasonMasterOfShadows 48KhouriTheWitchDoctor 48DarkGryphon 48PrinceSalTheMerman 48FirePhoenix 48NateDragon 48
101—125, 326—350, 551—575
JimTheLumberjack 48SashaTheFierceWarrior 48DetectiveKaine 48JasonMasterOfShadows 48DarkGryphon 48PrinceSalTheMerman 48ThaliaTheThunderKing 48MerciTheMadWizard 48NateDragon 48
126—150, 351—375, 576—600
TheBushWhacker 48EmoWerewolf 48DetectiveKaine 48KhouriTheWitchDoctor 48SarahTheCollector 48PrinceSalTheMerman 48KingReginaldIV 48MerciTheMadWizard 48NateDragon 48
151—175, 376—400, 601—625
TheBushWhacker 48SashaTheFierceWarrior 48TheWashedUpHermit 48DetectiveKaine 48ThePrincess 48ArtaxesTheLion 48GoldPanda 48KingReginaldIV 48NateDragon 48
176—200, 401—425, 626—650
TheBushWhacker 48JimTheLumberjack 48SashaTheFierceWarrior 48DarkGryphon 48SarahTheCollector 48PrinceSalTheMerman 48FirePhoenix 48ThaliaTheThunderKing 48MerciTheMadWizard 48
201—225, 426—450, 651—675
EmoWerewolf 48SashaTheFierceWarrior 48ThePrincess 48NatalieDragon 48ArtaxesTheLion 48GoldPanda 48PrinceSalTheMerman 48FirePhoenix 48KingReginaldIV 48
226—250, 451—475, 676—700
TheBushWhacker 48JimTheLumberjack 48TheWashedUpHermit 48ThePrincess 48KhouriTheWitchDoctor 48SarahTheCollector 48GoldPanda 48FirePhoenix 48KingReginaldIV 48
When a Crusader falls asleep, any others sharing the same Crusader slot will fall asleep too.

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