Owing to how often these questions are asked, this page gives basic information about goals of the game.

The game follows the format of similar idle games: Upgrade your crusaders, beat the levels, collect gold, repeat.

Be aware that the game is still in development and, therefore, information given here is likely to change.

Resetting Edit

The game also has a prestige system:

  • When you get the last hero (Nate, who is the 20th character) to level 150, you can buy the ability that this unlocks to reset the world.
  • Resetting the world gives you 1 idol for every 500 levels you have given to all your characters. Note: only the 20 visible crusaders count - levels of swapped out crusaders have no effect.
  • Common advice is to wait until you get to at least 7000 character levels before resetting.
  • You can see your total character levels on the info screen.

Formations Edit


Triangle Formation

Optimal Formation: The best formation will vary depending on items.

To work out the best formation it is necessary to be fully aware of the DPS available to be provided by each Crusader. It is useful to have a list of all Crusaders in order of DPS when approaching this design.

A basic form set up is like this:

Fourth (Back) column, four slots:

  • Detective Kaine, his A-Hah ! upgrade will boost all gold found by the back column; whilst his Magnify ability will be useful for boosting other abilities.
  • Artaxes, the Lion, his Roar ! upgrade will boost the DPS of the Crusaders in the third column in front of him; and his Simba's Pride ability to increase Critical Click Chance if needed.
  • Two remaining slots available.

Third column, three slots:

  • Jim the Lumberjack at the top or bottom, his Buddy System upgrade doubles his Base DPS once another Crusader is placed next to him, but he should be kept separated from Khouri, the Witch Doctor, unless he is one of the two highest ranked DPS. Placed here in the third column additionally makes use of his Sharpen Party upgrade to boost the DPS of the other two Crusaders in this column by 50%. This also boost himself.
  • and two of your highest valued DPS Crusaders

Second column, two slots:

  • Sasha the Fierce Warrior, her Bulwark upgrade boosts the DPS of the Crusaders in the third column behind her by 40%. If Jim the Lumberjack is not in the centre of the third column, then place Sasha next to him.
  • Khouri, the Witch Doctor, his Frog Soup upgrade automatically heals the Crusader in the front column; and his Koffee Potion upgrade increases the Base DPS of the Crusaders immediately surrounding him by 35%, to maximise the effectiveness of this it is wise to place Khouri so that he has the two highest DPS characters available behind him in the third column — that means he doesn't touch Jim unless Jim is one of your two highest DPS.

First (Front) column, one slot:

  • One remaining slot available.

This has accounted for 7 Crusaders out of the 10 you need to place.

The final three Crusaders should be selected in the following manner.

  • The remaining buffing Crusaders:
  • One of:
    • Natalie Dragon, if Nate Dragon is present as a highest DPS; or
    • Nate Dragon, if Natalie is present as highest DPS; or
    • Emo Werewolf, if he has buffs that would benefit the whole group; or
    • Dark Gryphon, if he has buffs that would benefit the whole group.
    • In the event that none of the three options are appropriate use the next highest DPS Crusader.

Once the three have been selected, the hit points (HP) should be compared, and the Crusader with the highest HP should be placed at the front in column one; whilst the other two placed into the remaining places in column four.

How can I speed up the gameEdit

Once you're insta-killing enemies (Which means they're dying quickly enough that their health bar doesn't appear), you won't get any benefit for increasing your damage. If you're doing enough damage to insta-kill enemies, you can increase the rate you clear areas by:

  • Increase the Monster Spawn Speed, for example by:
  • Use President Billy Smithsonian's Act of Congress ability to add a chance for monsters to drop multiple quest items or to count as multiple kills towards completing the objective
  • Abilities like Act of Congress and Ancient Hatred are Formation Abilities, which means you can copy them with Mindy the Mime's Mimic ability to increase their effect.
  • Picking up quest items manually instead of waiting for them to reach the formation can save up to 10 seconds per area.
  • Press the right arrow on the keyboard right after you kill the last monster or take the last item will advance faster than auto-advance
  • If you're experiencing noticeable lag, refreshing your browser (or restarting it entirely) might free up some memory and improve performance.
  • Likewise, turning on "Low Quality Mode" may help improve performance

If you're actively playing, you'll want to focus on these techniques to advance quickly, although it's important to remember to swap back to a damage-focused build if you're planning to step away for a while - Area clearing speed doesn't matter much if you're going to be gone for longer than it will take you to hit an area where you can't auto-progress without taking action.

The formula for completing 100 areas is

$ \text{Time} = 20\times T_1 + 100\times T_2 + 1950\times T_3 + 450\times T_4 + 60\times T_5 + T_6 $


  • T1 = Time to kill a Boss level.
  • T2 = Time for taken for an area change.
  • T3 = Time to kill a monster or get his quest item. Assuming the monster is not the last monster.
  • T4 = Time to kill the last monster or get his quest item.
  • T5 = Time to taken by collect items automatically rather than manually.
  • T6 = Time to restart the browser per 100 areas.


  • T1 = 10 seconds for a boss
  • T2 = 8 seconds for changing the area
  • T3 = 1 second to kill a monster
  • T4 = 1 second to kill the last monster
  • T5 = 15 seconds to take up the items automatically
  • T6 = 60 seconds to refresh the browser every 1000 areas
$ \text{Time} = 20\times 10 + 8\times 100 + 1950\times 1 + 450\times 1 + 60\times 15 + 6 = 4306\ \text{seconds} $
  • Buffs and Pheromones decrease the time to kill a monster and the time to kill the last monster. 100% spawn speed = 0,8 seconds killing time
  • take up the quest items manually: T5=0
  • pressing the arrow decrease the area change time by 1.5 seconds. A full RAM increase the time: refresh the browser!
  • Act of Congress kills monsters faster, but doesn't work on the last monster or item. The killing time is divided by the factor 1.2 ... 1.5. (1.2 = no item; 1.5= golden epic)
  • Mindy copies Act of Congress

with all speedups, the time is

$ 20\times 10 + (8 - 1.5)\times 100 + \frac{1950\times 0.8}{1.5\times 1.5} + 450\times 0.8 + 60\times 0 + 6 = 1903\ \text{seconds} $

How many areas can I get further by doubling a crusader's damage?Edit

At first, there are two variables

  • DPS: Damage per second
  • $ \text{strength} = \text{DPS} \times \text{Gold bonus} $
  • $ \text{relative strength} = \frac{\text{current strength}}{\text{last strength}} $

and these mathematical conditions:

  • a crusader level increase costs $ 107% \equiv 1.07 $ of current characters DPS
  • 25 crusader levels increase the cost by $ 1.07^{25} = 5.43 $
  • 25 crusader levels increase the DPS by 4
  • 5 world levels increase the needed DPS by 9.5

these conditions can be calculated in doubles

  • $ \frac{\log(5.43)}{\log(2)} = 2.44 $ = the costs are doubled 2.44 times
  • $ \frac{\log(4)}{\log(2)} = 2 $ = the damage is doubled 2 times
  • $ \frac{\log(9.5)}{\log(2)} = 3.25 $ = the damage must doubled 3.25 times to complete the next 5 levels

There is a shortfall in the damage. For a 2.44 times increase of Gold you get only a 2 times increase of damage. An amount equivalent to 0.44 of damage is missing. This missing damage must be compensated with by strength. If the levels are too high, then you get stuck. The missing damage must then be compensated with time churning, opening chests, using Delorean cards or, alternatively, you reset. Extra Idols and equipment gives additional strength.

An item, which gives double damage or double gold gives 1 double of relative strength. This strength can compensate the missing 0.44 strength damage 2.27 times. The DPS is increased by the factor

  • factor: $ 4^{2.27} = 23.3 $
  • factor: $ \frac{\log(23.3)}{\log(2)} = 4.54 $ doubles

Doubling the strength increases the damage by 2330%! This is the same as 4.54 doubles.

Doubling the strength multiplies the DPS 4.54 times!

To beat 5 Levels you need an additional strength of $ \frac{4.54}{3.28} = 1.4 $ doubles.

The strength must be multiplied 1.4 times. One Level need $ \frac{1.4}{5} = 0.28 $ doubles.

The answer, then, by doubling the damage inflicted by a crusader they can progress $ \frac{1}{0.28} = 3.57 $areas.

I want to double my strength with Idols. How many do I need? Edit

An Idol gives 3% DPS and 1% gold bonus. This formula answers the question

$ \text{Idols required} = \frac{-0.02}{0.0003} + \sqrt{\frac{0.02^2}{0.0003^2} + \frac{2^x - 1}{0.0003}} $

Where $ x $ is the number of times you want to double your strength.

The first double is achieved with 21.52 Idols, the next with 53.52 Idols and the third with 100 Idols.

Are 2 Damage crusaders better then one? Edit

For every 25 levels the damage of a crusader is multiplied with the factor 4. The cost of all 25 levels is (approximately) 63.25 times the first Level.

definition of symbols

  • j = Jim the Lumberjack (the stronger one with his golden super friggin’ sharp axe)
  • h = The Washed up Hermit
  • $ \mathbb{D} $ = DPS
  • $ \mathbb{G} $ = gold cost
  • $ \Tau $ = time to upgrade 25 levels
  • $ \mathcal{R} $ = relative
  • $ \lambda $ = 63.25 (constant for upgrading 25 levels)

combined symbols

  • $ \mathbb{D}_j = \text{Jim’s DPS} $
  • $ \mathbb{G}_h = \text{Hermit’s gold cost} $
  • $ \mathcal{R}\mathbb{G}_j = \text{Jim’s relative gold cost} $

At first we look at the damage and gold cost relative to Jim. Therefore Jim's gold cost is 1 and his DPS is 1.

$ \begin{align} \mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_j &= \frac{\mathbb{D}_j}{\mathbb{D}_j} = 1 \\ \mathcal{R}\mathbb{G}_j &= \frac{\mathbb{G}_j}{\mathbb{G}_j} = 1 \\ \mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_h &= \frac{\mathbb{D}_h}{\mathbb{D}_j} \\ \mathcal{R}\mathbb{G}_h &= \frac{\mathbb{G}_h}{\mathbb{G}_j} \end{align} $

There are 4 ways to upgrade the crusaders

  • $ \Tau_1 $ = upgrade Jim first then upgrade Hermit
  • $ \Tau_2 $ = upgrade Hermit first then upgrade Jim
  • $ \Tau_3 $ = upgrade Jim and don’t upgrade Hermit
  • $ \Tau_4 $ = upgrade Hermit and don’t upgrade Jim

The time for the third way is trivial

$ \Tau_3 = \frac{\mathcal{R}\mathbb{G}_j\times \lambda}{\mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_j + 0} $

Substituting the relative elements and simplifying:

$ \Tau_3 = \lambda \qquad \left(\text{because}\ \mathcal{R}\mathbb{G}_j = \mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_j = 1\ \text{as above}\right) $

Goldcost increase the time and damage reduce it.

The time for the fourth way is calculated similar

$ \Tau_4 = \frac{\mathcal{R}\mathbb{G}_h\times \lambda}{0 + \mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_h} $

Once more, substituting the relative elements and simplifying;

$ \Tau_4 = \frac{\mathbb{G}_h\times \mathbb{D}_j\times \lambda}{\mathbb{G}_j\times \mathbb{D}_h} $

In the first way, you must upgrade two crusaders. But with the help of Hermit, you can get the money for upgrading Jim faster.

$ \Tau_{1j} = \frac{\mathcal{R}\mathbb{G}_j\times \lambda}{\mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_j + \mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_h} $

Then you must upgrade Hermit. Jim is upgraded and he earns money 4 times faster.

$ \Tau_{1h} = \frac{\mathcal{R}\mathbb{G}_h\times \lambda}{4\times \mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_j + \mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_h} $

The sum is:

$ \Tau_1 = \frac{\mathcal{R}\mathbb{G}_j\times \lambda}{\mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_j + \mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_h}+\frac{\mathcal{R}\mathbb{G}_h\times \lambda}{4\times \mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_j + \mathcal{R}\mathbb{D}_h} $

Substituting the relative elements:

$ \Tau_1 = \frac{\lambda}{1 + \left(\mathbb{D}_h/\mathbb{D}_j\right)} + \frac{\left(\mathbb{G}_h/\mathbb{G}_j\right) \times \lambda}{4 + \left(\mathbb{D}_h/\mathbb{D}_j\right)} $

The second way is calculated similarly:

$ \Tau_2 = \frac{\lambda\times \left(\mathbb{G}_h/\mathbb{G}_j\right)}{1 + \left(\mathbb{D}_h/\mathbb{D}_j\right)}+\frac{\lambda}{1 + 4\times \left(\mathbb{D}_h/\mathbb{D}_j\right)} $

These four ways calculate the time for upgrading 25 levels.

$ \begin{align} \Tau_1 &= \frac{\lambda}{1+\left(\mathbb{D}_h/\mathbb{D}_j\right)}+\frac{\lambda\times\left(\mathbb{G}_h/\mathbb{G}_j\right)}{4+\left(\mathbb{D}_h/\mathbb{D}_j\right)} \\ \Tau_2 &= \frac{\lambda\times\left(\mathbb{G}_h/\mathbb{G}_j\right)}{1+\left(\mathbb{D}_h/\mathbb{D}_j\right)}+\frac{\lambda}{1+4\times \left(\mathbb{D}_h/\mathbb{D}_j\right)} \\ \Tau_3 &= \lambda \\ \Tau_4 &= \frac{\lambda\times \mathbb{G}_h\times \mathbb{D}_j}{\mathbb{G}_j\times \mathbb{D}_h} \end{align} $

This formula gives the answer to the question

$ \text{Timefactor}=\frac{\min(\Tau_1, \Tau_2)}{\min(\Tau_3, \Tau_4)} $

If the time factor is smaller then 1, you go faster with two Damage crusaders.

But what is the best timefactor?

If Hermit cost the the half of Jim and he does the half damage, the time can be reduced to 2/3.

other combinations

If Hermit damages and costs the same of Jim, the time is 70%. If Hermit costs the half or double of Jim, the time factor is 0.9.

Chests Edit

You get a chest the first time you beat a boss.

Each reset after that, you don't necessarily get a chest each time you beat bosses you have beaten before, but there is a 25% chance. There is a 1% that the chest will get upgraded to a jeweled chest.

Fighting the boss multiple times won't get you more chests, only the first kill each reset has a chance to drop a chest.

The gold in an chests depends on

  • damage per second
  • monsters gold
  • rarity

The rarity multiplies the gold with 1; 2 or 3. The damage gold is higher then the monsters gold. You gain monsters gold, if you are insta killing. You gain the damage gold if the monsters can move to your crusaders, before they are killed. Between insta-killing and slowly killing is a complicated formula. Upgrading the crusader by 25 Levels can increase the gold up to factor 4. Factor 4 is, when the crusaders do very less damage. Factor 2,5, if the monsters reach the crusaders and factor 1 if you are insta-killing.

Buffs doesn't increase the chest gold, but savage strikes. But buffs can help to get the full damage gold. A buff, which increases the damage by 3, divides the path length by 3. Buffs allows to kill monsters faster.