• Generally, Phoenix is used for the Vengeful Fury skill rather than her contribution to the formation. After all, combining its damage (after sacrificing a few crusaders) and a Magnified Firestorm can successfully kill off all normal monsters on screen and greatly weaken a boss monster.
  • As of the January 20 update, the use of Phoenix now hints at sacrificing some relatively unimportant crusaders for the greater good.
    • A possibility of utilising the new Phoenix would be to place your formation tank(s) at the second row instead of the first (provided that the important crusaders don't stand at the frontline). When the frontline crusaders die, the tank's durability will be increased and in addition, the enemies may be weakened by possible Firestorms.

Boss Killer Edit


Triangle Formation

Fire Phoenix is great as a high level boss killer.

This is designed for a Triangle, although it will work in a Diamond also with only slight modification.

For this to work, you need Fire Phoenix, Detective Kaine, King Reginald IV, Khouri, the Witch Doctor, The Bush Whacker and The Princess. The rest must be your DPS machines for optimum click damage.

Fire Phoenix must be at front, Khouri, the Witch Doctor, must be in the third column, whilst The Princess and Detective Kaine must be at the back. The remainder of the formation should be arranged to maximize The Bush Wacker's click damage.

After entering the boss stage, immediately activate Click-o-rama (Savage Strikes would be helpful too), then wait for the enemies to get near to Fire Phoenix. When she finally receives damage (watch the HP bar), activate King's Command, this will give the boss enough time to enter the screen; once he does, activate Magnify and then Fire Storm. This combo will deal 75% damage on normal enemies and around 50% on the boss.

This will not be enough to stop the high level wave though, and they will proceed to kill phoenix. When they do, her first ability will wipe the remaining enemies. If the boss manages to survive, Khouri, the Witch Doctor, will keep the second column alive until the boss finally dies.

    • With update 0.45 this strategy would need to be adjusted due to changes made to Fire Phoenix.

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