One of the rewards from Silver and Jeweled chests are pieces of equipment. Equipment pieces are typical gear that are assigned to a specific Crusader, with a passive ability that improves a certain stat. Each Crusader has exactly three categories of Equipment, and each category has a common, uncommon, rare, and epic equipment piece in it. Upon receiving an equipment piece, it will automatically be equipped to the Crusader it belongs to in the first available slot.

Should the received piece be a duplicate or of a lesser rarity than one in the same category, the gear is disassembled into a random amount of Crafting Material. Common gear nets common material, uncommon gear fragments into common and uncommon material, rare gear into rare and common material and epic gear yields epic material.

Crafting Material can be used to craft equipment pieces when the respective Recipe is aquired through Missions.

Equipment pieces are permanent, and do not get removed upon resetting.

Below is a list of all the equipment in the game, sorted by Crusader. Next to each category type is the equipment's ability, followed by how much it adds for each rarity (Common / Uncommon / Rare / Epic / Golden Epic / Legendary / Golden Legendary). The individual pieces are listed beneath, again sorted and color-coded by rarity and followed by the flavor text of each one.

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