• With the update of Legendary gears, Emo still stood up as a powerful DPS crusader with all golden epics available from the past crafted into golden legendary gears. Even though with stronger additional DPS from the golden legendary gears (+1.2K% instead of the normal legendary's +800%), the main focus is on the legendary effects.
  • This changes the mindset of building an Emo build from "putting Emo at a more isolated slot with minimal amount of crusaders will be next to him as long as the crusaders beside him is non-human" into "putting Emo in a fully surrounded slot as long as the crusaders around him are non-human" due to the legendary effect from the legendary cape gear (Increases the Base DPS of Emo Werewolf by 25% for each Crusader next to him at level 1) and playing with Emo's Lone Wolf ability while having the legendary crystal gear (its legendary effect increases the effect of Lone Wolf by 100% at level 1).
  • Combining with Artaxes' legendary hat gear (increases animal crusaders' DPS) with Emo's legendary ham gear (also increases animal crusaders' DPS), and you'll get an effective animal build on the field.
    • If you have Draco and/or Mister with their legendary idol/hat gear (both of them also does the same effect as the aforementioned two gears), forget about using humans and robots, for you're building an even stronger Draco+Emo build with Mister as your secondary gold finder.

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