• Even though Kaine is not a dps-buffer, his presence is still of great importance due to his A-hah! buff, which increases gold bonus. Place him in your formation if you are attempting to farm gold while idling!
    • In fact, Kaine's presence is so important that you could consider sacrificing an otherwise important buffer to make way for him. 
  • As the tooltip suggests, Kaine should be placed in the column with the most slots (in most cases, columns of 4 or 3) to maximize the effect of the A-hah! buff. 
  • Magnify is a useful skill for increasing the effect of the next skill used. It is best combined with Firestorm to clear difficult boss levels, or with Storm Rider to increase the formation dps.
  • In rare cases, Kaine can be used as the main damage-dealer, having sufficient self-dps skills and being one of the cheaper crusaders to upgrade. However, this is only possible if his enchantment points greatly exceeds those of the other possible candidates.

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