• While being a crusader of lesser importance, the Dark Gryphon comes in useful if you decide to progress through levels without being able to instantly kill monsters (2-3 seconds, for instance). Together with Khouri or Momma Kaine, they could greatly increase the durability of the frontline crusaders since the frontline crusaders could be healed faster than they take damage (provided that not too many monsters attack the frontline crusaders, of course).
    • Gryphon could also be placed adjacent to the Werewolf since she is a non-human.
  • If you find that your formation has some remaining slots available after placing your main damage-dealer, dps-buffers and gold-bonus buffers, consider using Gryphon if she buffs better than the other remaining crusaders.
    • Gryphon also possesses the Lion Swipe buff which increases the Bush Whacker's Swordplay effect. Consider placing her too if you decide to click through levels.

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