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Welcome Edit


Crusaders of the Lost Idols is a 2D top down game created in July 2015 by Codename Entertainment. It is an incremental role-playing game where the player controls various NPCs, known as Crusaders to defeat incoming monsters. The game utilizes idle tactics as well as active game play to earn gold (the game's main currency) to purchase Crusader levels and upgrades. There are also various equipable items that players can unlock via chests that are awarded after boss battles. Like most incremental games, there is a pseudo "prestige" implemented in the game in the form of a World Reset that unlocks "Idols" which increase Crusader damage as well as gold accumulation.

This wiki is very much a work in progress, as is the game. If you're playing, this is where you can add the stuff that the player who created it hasn't gotten to yet!

You can play Crusaders of the Lost Idols at Kongregate, Armor Games, or Steam.

For the official forum, visit

The Idol Times Edit


Signing up for The Idol Times will give your Crusaders a great piece of equipment to help you on your crusade, as well as give you insider information on what's up and coming in the world of Crusaders of the Lost Idols. Don't forget, there will be plenty of more free goodies on their way as well! Click the image above to read more, and get started!

Campaigns Edit

CarnageCup blogbanner

Find out about Campaigns to learn more, or view the full Campaign List.

Latest News and Updates Edit

Friday 17 March 2017Edit

Version: v0.103

St. Patrick's Weekend Promo


  • Added "St. Patrick's Weekend" buff weekend event.
    • Buffed Crusaders include the Bushwhacker, Groklok the Orc, Kyle the Party Bro, Larry the Leprechaun, and Brogon Prince of Dragons (our greenest Crusaders).
    • Added a new chest type containing gear for just the five Crusaders above, plus a special Golden Epic for Groklok with the first purchase of any special chest package. Note: You will only receive gear for Kyle, Groklok, Larry, or Brogon in the Clover Chests if you have unlocked them during an event or through a mission. You will receive a lot of gear for the Bushwhacker if you have not.


  • Fixed an issue in the Ferris Wheel of Doom objective where one formation slot was flagged incorrectly.
  • (PC) Fixed a tooltip issue with Princess Val the Mermaid.
  • (PC) Fixed Golden Panda’s Legendary effect “Crusade Profiteering” sometimes failing to apply after a wipe.
  • (PC) Fixed Fire Phoenix's Storm of Flame not getting buffed by gear.
  • (PC) Fixed Legendary Crafting costs sometimes showing as red, even if you had enough materials to craft an item.
  • (PC) Fixed the Legendary Craft achievement failing to complete right away.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue where opening the Crafting screen would cause the game to lag until the hero list was scrolled.
  • (PC) Fixed escort health bars failing to update properly.
  • (PC) Fixed achievements for filling all 3 of a Crusader’s equipment slots failing to complete when crafting an item.
  • Minor text fixes

Chest Survey/Statistics Edit

Here are two forums for the chests, please share and the more participants the more accurate we'll have it.




Chest Rarity:

Current Data:

Latest activityEdit

New element added to the Crusader information boxes—a little indicator at the top left to show the gender of a crusader at a glance:


Gender flag example

The hover tip also indicates human or non-human, in case it isn't clear from the characterisation. Also shows a RoyaltyCrown image to indicate crusaders influenced by the Royal Grail ability.
Latest addition is the Chess ndt45 image to indicate animal crusaders—as opposed to humans, robots, orcs, etc. For an example of all three flags in use at once, check out Prince Sal, the Merman.


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