You can use this spreadsheet to see what bonuses you would get from different formations, compare scaling, and find the amount of money invested a Crusader with your formation and items will be the best.

The very-light green cells are the ones to edit.

On the "Items" tab you can fill in your item multipliers.

On the "Formations" tab you can create and compare the bonuses different formations get from abilities and items.

On the "Crusaders" tab you can fill in the cells about your multipliers to look at the asymptotic scaling of champions.

Once you've filled in the "Crusaders" tab, the "Efficiency" tab will show you the DPS you would get from a Crusader (or formation splitting money, "mixed strategy") after investing a certain amount in them.

The low and high end of the investment can be changed by editing the cells to the right of "Range".

The Crusaders that deal the most will be highlighted.

Formation CalculatorEdit

The Formation Calculator helps you assess which Crusaders to use, and how to build your formation:

  • Individual Crusader DPS charts based on your items and bonuses help you decide who to use.
  • Calculates the DPS, Click Damage, Gold Bonus, and Cooldown of any formation at any point in the game.
  • Uses a detailed efficiency analysis to provide the optimal investment level for your formation.

Note: you must make a copy of the sheet to use it, which requires a Google account.