Auto progression mode allows your Crusaders to continue battling their way through hoards of monsters, and continuing on without the user having to manually allow them to continue to the next level. As soon as the Crusaders have completed the level quest objectives, with Auto Progression toggled on, they will move to the next level, so long as there is at least one surviving member of the party. If all party members are killed, however, they will be taken back to the previous level in which they survived, Auto Progression mode will be toggled off, and they will remain idling there, still accruing gold automatically for the player. This can be a very useful tool for those who have have high DPS and wish to go through lower levels much quicker, without having to be at their computers to click through the levels. Keep in mind, however, that Auto Progression mode may only be available after the player has reset the world once. The Auto Progression mode button can be found under the Settings drop down menu.