• Perhaps one of the most commonly used buffers and with a dps-buff (Roar!) of the highest value, 50% (55/62.5/75/100% with Amulet equipment), Artaxes is your top-priority buffer that must be present in your formation! 
  • In order to make way for Artaxes, it is recommended to avoid placing your main damage-dealer at the last column of the formation.
  • In most cases, it is easy to place Artaxes for him to buff your main damage-dealer; any slot behind the main damage-dealer works.
    • Even though the buffing mechanics of Artaxes' Roar! buff work almost similarly as Sasha's, it is relatively easier to find a place for Artaxes than Sasha since:
      • Artaxes is a non-human, hence he will not affect the Lone Wolf buff of the Werewolf when placed next to him (in fact, he is the appropriate crusader to be placed adjacent to the Werewolf at the column behind); and
      • Artaxes will not affect the Craziness buff of the Hermit since he buffs from behind, whereas there is a chance for Sasha to conflict with that buff as she might occupy the slot in front of him were she to buff him.

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