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Wednesday 19 April 2017 Edit

Version: v0.107

Tier 2 Crusader Recruit Missions


  • Added 40 new missions to recruit and gear Tier 2 Event Crusaders.
    • You must have both Tier 1 Event Crusaders from a given event in order to get the recruitment missions for that event's Tier 2 Crusaders.
    • These missions have higher EP requirements that the tier 1 recruit missions.
    • These missions are in the same pool as the tier 1 recruit missions, so depending on the Crusaders you already have, you may get tier 1 Crusaders some weeks and tier 2 Crusaders other weeks.
  • Updated Flash Sales to allow them to offer the more recent Golden Epics/Legendaries.


  • (PC) Fixed Alchemy not healing when cast.
  • Added Sisaron's missing "animal" tag.
  • Minor text fixes.

Thursday 6 April 2017Edit

Version: v0.106

Nate's Candy Conundrum Year 2


  • Updated the Nate's Candy Conundrum event for year 2:
    • Added five new tier 2 objectives:
      • Recruit Baenarall, Angel of Hope: Beat area 300 with Baenarall, Angel of Hope dealing out holy punishment
      • Recruit Sisaron the Dragon Sorcerer: Beat area 300 while ignoring the deafening roars of dragons
      • Sugar Rush: Reach area 400 in a 90 minute sugar-induced frenzy!
      • Evil Eggs: Reach area 450 with egg-sasperating Egg Monsters attacking your formation
      • Chocolate Rain: Reach area 500 while damaging Chocolate Rain pelts your Crusaders
    • Tier 1 recruit objectives will automatically be marked as complete if you recruited their Crusaders via missions.
    • Requirement for the two Gumdrop spending achievements lowered to 16,500 and 33,000 respectively.
    • Easter Chests have been updated to drop loot for any of the four Crusaders, however gear for tier 2 Crusaders will only appear if those Crusaders are recruited.
    • As before, the event dialog now lets you toggle between tier 1 and tier 2 of an event; you can still complete achievements, earn loot, and do objectives in either year at any time.


  • Minor text fixes.
  • (PC) The “Don’t show this again” checkbox when purchasing a chest with Red Rubies now persists after refreshing the game.
  • (PC) Fixed some objective escorts walking backwards when first loading the objective.
  • (PC) Abilities that target non-adjacent Crusaders will no longer target their source Crusader when in a slot with no adjacencies.
  • (PC) Daily quests that require using Firestorm or Royal Command can no longer be completed instantly by trying to cast the ability when instantly killing monsters.
  • (PC) Fixed issues with using the scroll wheel on some platforms.
  • (PC) Fixed effect duration buffs being applied twice.
  • (PC) The store will now show the proper Golden Legendary level and effect if your purchase would award a Golden Legendary.

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