Abiliities are special actions that can be brought into use at the click of a mouse; however, they have a cool down period that prevents them from being used too often and they can only be used when the appropriate Crusader is present in the formation.

Listed in the table below are the current abilities:

Crusader Ability Hotkey Gained at upgrade Lasts for[1] Initial Cooldown[2]
The Bush Whacker Click-o-rama 1 2 30 seconds 10 minutes
RoboRabbit 2
Graham the Driver 4
Warwick the Warlock 2
Slisiblyp, the Alien Scientist 3
Detective Kaine Magnify 2 2 Instant 30 minutes
Mister the Monkey 2
Larry the Leprechaun 4
Bernard the Bartender 3
Zombie Winter 3
The Princess Fire Storm 3 5 Instant 30 minutes
RoboTurkey 3
Ranger Rayna 5
Baenarall, Angel of Hope 3
Willy the Weregoat 3
Artaxes, the Lion Savage Strikes 4 5 30 seconds 30 minutes
Drizzle the Dark Elf 6
Bubba, the Swimming Orc 4
Sisaron the Dragon Sorceress 3
Gold Panda Gold-o-rama[3] 5 5 30 seconds 30 minutes
RoboSanta 3
Leerion, the Royal Dwarf 5
The Goldhound 2
King Reginald IV Royal Command[4] 6 4 5 seconds 30 minutes
Queen Siri 4
Mr. Boggins, the Substitute 4
Beary McBearFace 3
Thalia, the Thunder King Storm Rider 7 6 Instant 8 hours
Frosty the Snowman 5
Littlefoot 4
Cindy the Cheer-Orc 3
The Exchange Student 2
Merci, the Mad Wizard Alchemy[5] 8 1 30 seconds 30 minutes
The Bat Billionaire 3
Polly the Parrot 3

Note Edit

  1. "Time-o-rama" talent don't count
  2. Trinkets, gear and talent don't count
  3. Katie the Cupid can not use the Gold-o-rama ability.
  4. Squiggles the Clown can not use the Royal Command ability.
  5. Petra the Pilgrim can not use the Alchemy ability.

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